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Ao Haru Ride, Vol. 2

    Ao Haru Ride, Vol. 2

    LE 250.00
    The popular shojo manga series that was adapted into the Blue Spring Ride anime!

    Futaba Yoshioka thought all boys were loud and obnoxious until she met Kou Tanaka in junior high. But as soon as she realized she really liked him, he had already moved away because of family issues. Now, in high school, Kou has reappeared, but is he still the same boy she fell in love with?

    Futaba Yoshioka has encountered her first love again in high school, but he seems different from the boy she once knew. Kou has confessed to Futaba that in junior high he liked her too, but he believes they can never return to those times. Kou continues to act both brusque and sweet. Will a leadership retreat bring them closer together?

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