Daddy, I Don't Want To Marry! Vol. 1 (novel)

    Daddy, I Don't Want To Marry! Vol. 1 (novel)

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      A riveting new read that will thrill you from bestselling Korean author Hong Heesu. A heartwarming medieval fantasy romance, Daddy I Don't Want to Marry! is a delightful read. A popular novel read by millions, the novel has been adapted into a webtoon.

      Jubelian is a villainess so reviled by everyone that even her former lover and father leave her to die a pitiful death. As she faces destiny, Jubelian is given the chance to change her destiny by going back in time. In order to escape the haunting death that awaits her, she calls off her engagement and stops trying to win her father’s love.

      Instead of settling for less, Jubelian focuses on using her father's wealth to enjoy her new life to its fullest! But while she prepares for her extravagant life as a lady, her father begins looking for her new suitor. Afraid that he’ll marry her off to the infamously unpredictable and stormy prince, she lands on a desperate solution: a dating contract. And the best candidate is none other than her father’s disciple.

      This volume collects episodes 1–74 of the web novel Daddy, I Don't Want to Marry.


      "My favorite character archetype in this industry is the overprotective father figures. They will raze an entire civilization to the ground to protect their daughters' virtue and happiness." - Justice

      "I absolutely loved our heroine. She was funny, intelligent, cunning, and determined to change the future to avoid death." - Akumajo

      "Even with the isekai trope that I have grown familiar with, I like it better than the others that I have seen. - Maricar

      "This is a great take on villainess reincarnation stories. Add a dash of jealous ex-lover and a stoic undercover prince and you have this amazing beauty of a read." - Tiffany