Fantasy Inbound: Volume 3

    Fantasy Inbound: Volume 3

    LE 139.00

      Leo Makishima, the enigmatic Devicer Seven, only cares about one thing: power. And he’ll do whatever it takes to get it. His blind ambition, however, makes him the perfect target for the archmages’ machinations, and Quldald of the Whirlwind has the perfect use for the troubled boy. Likewise, the Japanese government is desperate to resurrect their greatest weapon—Devicer Three.

      Meanwhile, the crew arrives in Indonesia to investigate a dormant Asura and a mysterious power sleeping within Aliya. There, they meet Devicer Five, a prickly girl by the name of Zhou Xueli who’s looking to build an elite team to end the war once and for all. In particular, her eyes are set upon Devicer Three and the key she’s been looking for—a Replicant.

      Everyone wants something, and Yu Ichinose seems to have it. To what lengths they’re willing to go to take it, he doesn’t know, but he’ll have to be ready to do anything to defend those he cares about. Even if it means fighting a fellow Devicer