I Adopted a Villainous Dad Vol. 1 (novel)

    I Adopted a Villainous Dad Vol. 1 (novel)

    LE 139.00
      I Adopted a Villainous Dad, one of the most popular Korean novels, is now available to read officially in English. I Adopted a Villainous Dad is a heartwarming and comedic medieval fantasy of the child saintess who only wants to live a peaceful life with her father. The only issue? He's the novel's villain.

      Adopting a villain is no easy task.

      Amelia is reborn into her favorite novel as the heroine. The only issue? She's a saintess destined to suffer, but when it comes time for the ritual, she decides to take matters into her own hands: Miltiades would be her father. Though he may be the novel's villain, that didn't mean that he'd be a horrible dad. But just when she thought she'd soon live a happy ending with her father in the palace, an obstacle stands in her path: the hero destined to annihilate the villain. Now it looks like she'll have to tame them both if she ever hopes to live happily.


      "I read this from start to finish without pause, and I regret nothing!!! I loved this book so much and can’t wait for the next one to continue the journey." - Nicole

      "I enjoyed the cute interactions with the protagonist and her new father. As the story went on, the cute interactions between those two were really wholesome." - Anmol

      "This was an amazing story! I loved all the characters and I couldn't stop crying from laughter!" - Sunshiny