I’m Only a Stepmother, But My Daughter is Just So Cute – Volume 1 -

    I’m Only a Stepmother, But My Daughter is Just So Cute – Volume 1 -

    LE 139.00
      One of the most popular Korean Web Novels, read by millions of fans, is now available in English.
      ‘I’m Only a Stepmother But My Daughter is Just So Cute’ is a heartwarming medieval fantasy story that proves that a mother’s love can overcome all evil.

      Baekhap Lee is an ordinary designer of children's clothing, until one day, she wakes up as the main villainess of the fairy tale she was reading – Abigail Freidkin, the stepmother of Snow White. Having overworked herself beyond her limits and burned out, word led to her death and reincarnation.

      The new Baekhap-turn-Abigail quickly develops strong maternal feelings for her stepdaughter, Blanche Freidkin, a young child with big puppy eyes and a tender smile. All her life, Blanche had feared her evil stepmom, who, at one point, even tried to poison her out of jealousy. Now, the new Abigail wants to shower Blanche with all her love and affection, but her husband remains suspicious due to her evil past. How can she overcome his distrust and get closer to Blanche?

      This Korean Light Novel is ideal for the millions of fans worldwide who have been patiently waiting for an English version of ‘I’m Only a Stepmother.’ Explore the magical world of a beautiful female lead who discovers her inner strength in an inspiring story of reincarnation, first love, royalty, aristocracy, and the meaning of standing up for oneself. Enjoy:
      • Original Color Illustrations only available in the English release by Meteor Strike Media
      • An official Korean webtoon with a highly dedicated and fast-growing fanbase
      • Strong Characters that experience profound growth
      • Heartwarming developments between the main characters, including a strong female lead, villainess, handsome male lead, and a wonderful supporting cast

      Come on a journey with Baekhap in this endearing Isekai, as she faces a new world, life, environment, prejudice, and deals with unfamiliar emotions. This is the ideal gift for anyone who loves Isekai and Korean Fantasy Novels

      As one of the top 5 bestselling Korean-to-English translated novels on the market this year, ‘I’m Only a Stepmother, But My Daughter is Just So Cute’ is an absolute must-read.