My Quiet Blacksmith Life in Another World: Volume 2

    My Quiet Blacksmith Life in Another World: Volume 2

    LE 139.00

      Eizo Tanya is now living a quiet life as a blacksmith in another world. Well, maybe not so quiet... Tales of his cheat smithing abilities and overpowered blades have started to spread. Alongside his companions, Eizo tries to earn a modest living while avoiding political intrigue. However, intrigue finds him anyway when he saves Diana, the daughter of a comital family. With the nobility embroiled in conflict about the line of succession and the fate of a family heirloom, the safest place for Diana turns out to be with Eizo. As his family keeps growing, the quiet life becomes even more rare.

      Speaking of rare, Eizo’s next commission involves working with a prized fantasy metal—mithril! When an elven village requests that he repair their treasure, a mithril sword, Eizo is excited to take on the challenge. But will this blade be too much for a human blacksmith to handle? Eizo puts his cheats to the test, repairing both swords and societal conflicts, all in pursuit of his dream life!