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My Quiet Blacksmith Life in Another World: Volume 3

    My Quiet Blacksmith Life in Another World: Volume 3

    LE 160.00 LE 200.00

      Eizo has mastered mithril sword repair and is looking forward to new experiences, new commissions, and new metals! When a mysterious woman requests a custom katana, Eizo’s passion is ignited. There’s just one problem—the client is a demon, and her people have had a complicated and historically violent relationship with humans. Since Eizo desires a peaceful life, can his conscience withstand forging a god-tier weapon for humanity’s former enemy?

      Along with a new commission, Forge Eizo also receives a new family member: an adorable drake called Krul! Unfortunately, navigating wingless dragon ownership isn’t the only trial ahead. Aggressive monsters suddenly appear and start coordinating attacks, so Eizo must join up with military forces to defend the kingdom from the onslaught. Between forging a demon sword, fighting hostile beasts, and supporting his diverse household, can Eizo still make time for a quiet life