Mystery Box!
Mystery Box!
Mystery Box!

    Mystery Box!

    LE 650.00 LE 1,000.00

      Surprise the manga and anime lover in your life with the PERFECT GIFT!

      You deserve it!

      Perfect for manga fans! This box contains English manga books. (Please note, if you'd like to purchase a box for a younger audience, simply message us upon purchase to let us know what age you'd like it to be - e.g., No Teen or Older Teen.)

      The box will contain manga for both males and females. Manga cannot be guaranteed to be the first volume of the series.

      And to ensure non-recurrence! Just complete the form below with pictures or a list of manga in your collection (including titles and volumes, spine images are perfect!), and we'll guarantee that you won't receive any books currently in your collection. This way, you are always guaranteed to get something new!

      Mystery Box! Rediscover the word "surprise" . Each new box holds multiple surprises like Manga , Bookmarks, Stickers, Notebooks, Tableaus, and other gifts, along with discount coupons.

      This Mystery Box is an excellent gift, either for yourself or a friend – an easy choice (you're not responsible for what's inside; it's random!). Don't let the randomness factor scare you away; you'll know the exact value and type of merchandise you'll be getting.

      WHAT COMES INSIDE THE BOX? Check the next image or scroll down to find out!

      Important Notice - The contents of the box are random, and the customer is not entitled to object or request a change in the box's contents. The customer only has the right to specify the appropriate age and send detailed names of the manga they own to ensure no duplicates.

      Shipping information:
      Enjoy free shipping within 5-7 days.

      "Lucky Box: Delivery not included"
      Processing time: 2-3 days.

      "Some substitutions may occur! In the event that any of the specified gifts are unavailable, we reserve the right to replace them with a similar alternative gift."