PTSD Radio 3 (Vol. 5-6)

    PTSD Radio 3 (Vol. 5-6)

    LE 450.00
    Carried into modern Japan from a forgotten past, the being known as Ogushi haunts and tortures humans of all kinds. Little is know about Ogushi's curse, except that it resides in an unexpected place: human hair.
    Like Junji Ito's 
    Uzumaki, PTSD Radio takes something everyday and weaves it into a series of chilling, cryptic, twisted, repellant, and alluring manga stories that become more than what they first seem.
    The hit digital series finally comes to print in three 400-page compilations!

    Contains volumes 5-6 of PTSD Radio.
    An unseen hand tugs at your braid. You find an old box with only a tangled mess of dark hair inside. You open a door in your home only to witness a river of curls slinking away, an ominous lump at its heart.

    Ogushi preys on the unprepared. Before it's too late, tune into PTSD Radio.
    These episodes and more await in this acclaimed horror series, coming to print after a successful digital run in double-length omnibus editions featuring sickeningly-textured covers. From the gleefully-twisted mind that created 
    Fuan no TanePTSD Radio is a necessity for fans of the masters of manga scares such as Junji Ito, Kazuo Umezz, Shintaro Kago, and Suehiro Maruo.