Reincarnated as a Familiar Volume 2 (Light Novel)

    Reincarnated as a Familiar Volume 2 (Light Novel)

    LE 139.00

      After their close call with the archdemon Thel’al, Astria and Lesti are finally given permission to leave the academy grounds. Eager to get out into the city, they head to the market. Almost immediately, they hear whispers of strange happenings in the city. Unable to ignore the problem, they begin to investigate on their own.

      Meanwhile, back at the academy, Lesti finds herself in a new class. In fact, it’s the top class in her year! With a unique chance to make friends, she doesn’t waste any time. However, Astria has her concerns. The girl she befriends, Aurelia, is acting suspiciously.
      Will Astria safely navigate Thel’al’s schemes and find the secret behind Aurelia’s actions, or will her curiosity spell doom for the Astral Cat?

      Find out as the adventure, full of magic, friendship, and fangs, continues!