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Tales of Demons and Gods vol 1

    Tales of Demons and Gods vol 1

    LE 240.00 LE 300.00
      The world around the Ancestral Mountains was occupied by dangerous creatures and those who lived there had been isolated from the outside for hundreds of years. It is said that when humanity was at its height, it was made up of mighty empires that have since crumbled. However, thanks to its well-hidden location, a city was preserved from the "Dark Ages" so that despite the incessant assaults of creatures, it survived devastating wars and was rebuilt again and again. Its walls, rebuilt a hundred times, stood like an invincible monument! This city represented the hope of humanity, it was called… Illustria!

      This is where Nie Li will be reborn, after having succumbed while facing 6 divine creatures and their master. But this second chance that providence granted him, if it sent him back to the past several years before the fall of Illustria, also gave him back his not very gifted adolescent body... His only asset, the vast knowledge acquired during his previous life of wandering and adventures, was only preserved by losing his most precious treasure, the Book of the Demon of Time. Will our hero manage to become strong enough to change his destiny and that of his companions with the short time he has before the destruction of Illustria? Such is the story of Tales of Demons and Gods!