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(Tearmoon Empire (Light Novel), 5)

    (Tearmoon Empire (Light Novel), 5)

    LE 160.00 LE 180.00

      Princess Mia just wanted to go on a fun summer cruise with all her friends, but somehow she’s gotten stranded on a deserted island without a boat OR supplies! Mia and her friends have to figure out how to survive, but wait! Esmeralda’s gone missing?!

      When the group splits up to look for her, Mia pairs up with Abel and thinks that getting stuck on an island might not be so bad after all. Little does she know, however, a dark secret lost to time lies deep within the island. Uncovering it will reveal the hidden truth of the Tearmoon Empire and how everything links to her morbid destiny. But forget about all that! Mia’s only concern is and will always be herself, and the only thing she’s interested in right now is her relationship with Abel.

      Can Mia avert her ever-impending doom this time around? Will they find the missing Esmeralda? And, most importantly, will Mia get closer to Abel?! Join Mia and friends on a summer survival adventure in the fifth volume of Tearmoon Empire!