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(Tearmoon Empire (Light Novel), 6

    (Tearmoon Empire (Light Novel), 6

    LE 160.00 LE 180.00

      The Holy Eve Festival is swiftly approaching, and Princess Mia is at a loss. Things had been going so well! She defeated Ruby at the Horsemanship Tournament, and she even won the allegiance of the Redmoons. And yet, the Princess Mia Chronicles continues to predict her death on that very day!

      Mia is desperately anxious about her impending assassination, so she resolves to...go mushroom picking! Mia just really wants to enjoy some exquisite mushroom stew, okay? And, while she's at it, Mia decides to throw a party to keep her future self from leaving the castle! Luckily for her, Bel shows up with Citrina Yellowmoon, who happens to know a thing or two about mushrooms.

      Can Mia avert her ever-impending doom this time around? Will she figure out the significance of the Holy Eve Festival? And, most importantly, will she get any of that delicious stew?! Follow Mia on some fungal foraging fun in the sixth volume of Tearmoon Empire!