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The Beginning After The End: Early Years, Book 1

    The Beginning After The End: Early Years, Book 1

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      I never believed in the whole “light at the end of the tunnel” folly where people, after having a near-death experience, would startle awake in a cold sweat exclaiming, “I saw the light!”

      But there I was, in this so-called “tunnel” facing a glaring light, when the last thing I remembered was sleeping in my room—the royal bedchamber, as others called it.

      Had I died? If so, how?

      King Grey once benefited from unrivaled strength, wealth, and prestige in a world governed by martial ability, but now finds himself reborn in a society dominated by magic. Given a second chance at life, the once-king strives to understand his role in this new world and the purpose of his reincarnation while correcting the mistakes of his past.