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The Beginning After The End: Horizon's Edge, Book 4

    The Beginning After The End: Horizon's Edge, Book 4

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      In my past life I hadn’t had anyone I would have given my life to protect. I had that now, but I didn’t have the strength to protect them—not against what was about to come.

      In another life, Arthur Leywin was a king and no stranger to war. He was not ready, however, to find himself at the heart of a conflict that will reshape his entire new world. Despite his abilities, it seems as if the danger only increases with every discovery he makes. His oldest friend succumbs to a power that may destroy her, a power Arthur gave her. His most constant foe accepts a dark gift to challenge Arthur’s strength, an act that threatens all of Xyrus Academy. How can he keep his family safe if his very presence is the thing that draws danger to them? Can he dispel the specters of war before it is too late?