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The Beginning After The End: Transcendence, Book 6

    The Beginning After The End: Transcendence, Book 6

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      I often caught myself pushing away the old memories of my past life. More and more, my past self’s hold on me lessened, allowing me to become the person I wanted to be in this world. But at this moment, I found myself wishing to turn back to the old me - to the cold, rational me that had suppressed his emotions in exchange for having no vulnerability that could be used against him.

      Arthur Leywin knew well the cold terror of war. Yet, in his past life as King Grey, he had never lost a friend, mentor, or loved one; he had none to lose. Now, though, Arthur must accept that even those closest to him must take up arms to defend their homes as the enemy force seeks new methods to strike at the heart of Dicathen.

      In his quest to stop the approaching army, Arthur must travel to the dwarven kingdom of Darv, gain mastery of the four elements, battle some of the Vritra’s mightiest champions, and overcome a grievous betrayal. Meanwhile, visions of his past life are surfacing with startling frequency, forcing Arthur to contend with the decisions of his past as he struggles to retain a vision of his future.